As the name, Alliances For Humanity, implies I wish to establish relationships, alliances between the Occult Sciences, which I’ve been a student of for many years, and the scientific community in general. The literature has much to offer on a wide range of subjects.


I was born and raised in Upstate New York though I’m currently living in Asia. I have a BS in Physics which was obtained in 2014. I also spent 3 years in an Electrical Engineering program back in the early 80s.


If you look at the knowledge I’ve accumulated, independent of the academics, you’ll see that I’ve had a specific range of interests. None of it being frivolous. All of it contributing to a deeper understanding as to what HERE is all about or knowledge related to technologies which have yet to be developed, which can be of meaningful help to our people and planet.  I’m dedicated to the promotion of the Occult Sciences, Occultism, Theosophy, the Secret Doctrine, the Ageless Wisdoms, whichever name you’re more comfortable with.


For the Occult Sciences to be of help it will require that it be listened to, its ideas and concepts heard. During the 1900s everything associated with the word “Occult” was seriously tarnished. Most who spoke, wrote, on the subject had a very limited understanding of the totality, the Occult Sciences. Those that had the ability to think were largely disappointed by most of what they saw. Here and there some interesting phenomena but a substantial philosophy, an intelligent doctrine, was largely lacking. To be honest the phenomena was more important, to most, than an intelligent explanation. Emotional satisfaction was of greater importance than understanding. For those of you who require a mental presentation, something which is appealing to the intellect, I highly recommend starting with this document, Bailey.pdf. It will open a door for you.


I’m open to relocation.