Cosmically speaking, sex is a short word used to express the relation existing (during manifestation) between spirit and matter, and between life and form.  It is, in the last analysis, an expression of the Law of Attraction, that basic law which underlies the entire manifestation of life in form, and which is the cause of all phenomenal appearance.  Humanly or physically speaking, sex is the word used to denote the relation between men and women which results in the reproduction of the species.  Speaking in terms of modern usage as it is found among the unthinking and the average, sex is a word which denotes the alluring satisfaction of the animal impulses at any cost and with no rhythmic regulation.  Sex is essentially an expression of duality, and of the separation of a unity into two aspects or halves.  These we can call spirit and matter, male and female, positive and negative; and they are in the nature of a stage upon the evolutionary ladder towards a final unity or homo-sexuality which has no relation to that perversion which is, today and inaccurately, called "homosexuality.”  This latter manifestation is rampant at this time in a mental and modern conception of the phenomenon but it is rare indeed to find a person who truly combines within himself the two sexes, and is, physiologically and mentally, entirely "self-satisfying, self-sustaining and self-propagating.”  Down the ages, here and there, we find the true homo-sexual emerging as a guarantee of a distant racial and evolutionary achievement, when the world cycle will have been run and the two separated halves will again be merged in their essential unity.  In the above phraseology I do not refer to any doctrine of twin souls, or to any perversion of reality, as ordinarily understood today.  I refer to the divine Hermaphrodite, to the true androgynous man, and to the perfected human being.  But the word has been distorted from its true significance and applies in nine cases out of ten (nay, in ninety-nine cases out of one hundred) to a type of mental perversion, to a distorted attitude of mind which results often in physical practices and reactions which are, in their manifestation, so old that their very antiquity gives the lie to the idea that this attitude marks a step forward on the path of progress.  It marks indeed a point of retrogression, the swinging back into an ancient rhythm, and the resumption of ancient practices.

These perversions are ever found when a civilization is crumbling and the old order is changing into a new.  Why should this be? It is due to the fact that the newer impulses pouring into the old, and the impact of the new forces upon humanity, awaken in man a desire for that which is, for him, a new and untried field of expression, and for that which is unusual and oft abnormal.  Weak minds then succumb to the impulse, or strong experimenting souls fall victim to their own lower natures, and investigate in unlawful directions.  You have, then, under these new energies, a definite progress forward into new and untried spiritual realms, but at the same time, you find an experimenting in the realm of physical desire which is not for humanity the line of progress.

Esoteric Psychology I by Alice Bailey, pages 277-279.


The Occultists, having most perfect faith in their own exact records, astronomical and mathematical, calculate the age of Humanity, and assert that the latter (as separate sexes) has existed in this Round (the 4th of 7) just 18,618,727 years, as the Brahmanical teachings and even some Hindu calendars declare.

The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky,

 3rd Ed., Vol. I, p. 174, footnote.

One of the major problems today to the psychologist, and in a lesser degree to the medical man, is the growth of homosexuality, both female and male.  Specious arguments are brought forth in order to prove that this abnormal development (and the consequent interest in this morbid tendency) is due to the fact that the race is slowly becoming androgynous in its development, and that the future hermaphroditic man or woman is gradually making its appearance.  This, again, is not true.  Homosexuality is what you call a "left-over" from the sexual excesses of Lemurian times, an inherited taint, if you like.  Egos who individualized and incarnated in that vast period of time are the ones who today demonstrate homosexual tendencies.  In those days, so urgent was the sexual appetite, the normal processes of human intercourse did not satisfy the insatiable desire of the advanced man of the period.  Soul force, flowing in through the processes of individualization, served to stimulate the lowest centers.  Hence, forbidden methods were practiced.  Those who thus practiced them are today, in great numbers, in incarnation, and the ancient habits are too strong for them.  They are now far enough advanced upon the evolutionary path so that the cure lies ready at this time––if they choose to employ it.  They can, with relative ease, transfer the sex impulse to the throat center, and thus become creative in the higher sense, employing the energy sensed and circulating in right and constructive ways.  Many of them are beginning automatically to do this.  However, it is well known that among the so-called artistic types, homosexuality is very prevalent.  I say "so-called" for the truly creative artist is not the victim of these ancient evil predisposing habits.

It might be pointed out here that homosexuality is of three kinds:

1. That which is the result of ancient evil habits.  This is the major cause today and indicates:

a. Individualization upon this planet; for those who individualized upon the moon chain are not susceptible to these dangerous characteristics.

b. A relatively advanced stage upon the evolutionary path which was achieved by the Lemurian egos who  succumbed to this desire-satisfaction.

c. A consequent study of sex magic, plus a constant  insatiable physical and sexual urge.

2. Imitative homosexuality.  A number of persons of all classes imitated their betters (if I might use so paradoxical a term) and so developed evil habits in sexual intercourse from which they might otherwise have remained free.  This is one of the prevalent reasons today, among many men and women, and is based upon a too active imagination, plus a powerful physical or sex nature, and a prurient curiosity.  This I say with advisement.  This category accounts for many of our Sodomites and Lesbians.

3.  A few rare, very rare, cases of hermaphroditism.  These people, combining in themselves both aspects of the sex life, are faced with a very real problem.  It is a problem which is greatly increased by human ignorance, human refusal to face facts, wrong early training and teaching, and a widespread misunderstanding.  These cases are to be found in small numbers everywhere, even though their numbers, in relation to the world population, is still negligible.  But that they exist is of real interest to the medical profession and a subject of deep pity and commiseration to the humanitarian and the understanding psychologist.  They face a difficult situation.

Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey, pages 62-64.



See The Lost Lemuria by W. Scott-Elliot, 1904

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