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  • Preliminary remarks:
    1). All posts in anything other than English will be deleted. The most widely used language is English. Everything MUST be in English.
    2). All posts will demonstrate maturity, intelligence and a desire to improve upon the human/global condition.
    3). I will remain behind the scenes as much as possible. This forum exists for you to discuss the work done by these men.
    4). There are many bright minds out there which need to show some courage.
    5). There are many with the financial resources to make a difference who also need to show some courage.
    6). To create an account a valid email address will be required. An authorization code is sent to this address to complete the registration process. I don't like giving out my addresses. I understand the hesitation but we need to be adults about things. Create a new address someplace that will be used only here. I recommend for privacy's sake. They offer free accounts.
    7). People are registering but not activating their accounts by responding to the email sent to them. If the account is not activated within 3 days it will be deleted.

    Folks, I took the time to put this forum together FOR YOUR SAKE. The only function I'll serve is to answer questions or clarify something. I'm not the one who will be doing the R&D work. The primary purpose of this forum is to allow YOU to collaborate, communicate, throw out and exchange ideas with one another. It gives you a central location from which to work, TOGETHER, to help our people.

    Should you rediscover one of these technologies inform the world. Demonstrate its capabilities. If any of these technologies have been patented or copyrighted these MUST be IGNORED. These technologies are far too valuable. No one can be allowed to have exclusive rights to them except possibly the UN. Find a good lawyer. You both can make a name for yourselves and help humanity. Approach The International Court of Justice, in The Hague, to resolve this.

    Request are welcome. If you'd like this or that feature added let me know. If the request is a reasonable one it will get done.
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