The 7 types of matter/substance.

Chart8 shows the 7 types of matter/substance and their 7 substates. Each having a Solid, Liquid, Gas and the 4 ether's component. Ours substance is the lowest, the most material, of the 7:

There are 7 fundamental types of substance. Each type has 7 substates representing the Solid, Liquid, Gas and the 4 ethers. We have forms, vehicles, in all but the 1st. When I say “we” I mean us as Spirit (Monad), Soul and Personality. Our personalities are found in the 7th, 6th and lower 4 levels of the 5th type. All types interpenetrate, that is, exist in the same space. What distinguishes one from the other is the tenuousness of the substance of which they are composed. An entity may have a form using substance of the 6th, and living a satisfying life, but not have a physical form, the 7th. Therefore we, here, are unaware of its existence unless “Continuity of Consciousness” has been developed, the ability to function simultaneously in more than one body type. It is also possible for an entity to have a physical body composed only of the 4 ethers and not possess the solid, liquid or gaseous aspects. Here again they will go unnoticed unless etheric vision has been developed.

The next type from ours, the 6th, is where our emotional natures are found. The lower 4 levels of the 5th, our minds. The higher three levels, our Souls. There are unique abilities associated with each form. Each of them must be developed, awakened. On the higher levels of the 6th and inherent to the 5th is the ability of extreme magnification. It may be directed out into space or down into matter. The latter technique was used to create the book Occult Chemistry. It contains 398 pages with 230 illustrations. First published in 1908, 3rd edition 1951. 48MB.

More information as to the nature of the 7 types may be found here: or matter.htm
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