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I have faith in the security and privacy provided by this email provider. If you wish to contact me, I recommend opening a free account with them. All communications will then stay internal to their system.


Please look at the Discoveries webpage. The problems caused by Carbon Emissions, Green House Gases, present the greatest threat we face at this time. I see NO bold undertakings taking place. Even Bill Gates latest project is simply a modification of what others have done, nothing fundamentally new. I don’t mean to belittle his work BUT a much broader solution needs to be found. This Moray can provide once his technology is mastered and scaled up which should be fairly straight forward. The technology, the hardware itself, is not that complicated.

I have a BS in Physics which was obtained in the spring of 2014. This really tells you little about me other than I can use my mind and that I wish to understand the nature of things. My website will tell you this as well though the approach I’ve taken there is that of a Theosophist, Occultist. I will use the knowledge obtained from both worlds in my research.

I have much experience in the use of shop tools, the mill, lathe and so forth. This means that I can create my own hardware as needed. I’ve used a variety of test equipment from a volt/ohm meter to a Spectrum Analyzer. I’ve held supervisory positions, Handled funding responsibly intelligently and efficiently. I’m conscientious, thorough and professional in all that I do.

I can be a thorn in one’s side if I know I’m right, I expect people to be responsible and can be unpleasant when they are not. I have little tolerance for stupidity and immaturity on the part of intelligent individuals. I have high expectations.

Funding will go towards producing an environment in which research may be carried on with speed and privacy.

As far as where I’m coming from, where my priorities lie, the website will tell you much. In particular this says a great deal. It was sent to 4417 physicists around the globe: FYC.pdf





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