chart5.jpg, 1765x2553, 728KB

Our solar system is literally the dense physical body of an entity manifesting/incarnating through our solar system.

chart8.jpg, 1770x2664, 1023KB

Shows the 7 types of Cosmic Physical Matter/Planes, the Human energy centers and the Human Soul, the Lotus.


chart9.jpg, 1816x2642, 539KB

Shows the lower 4 energy centers (within the lower mind), the Soul and the Manasic Permeant Atom (the Higher, Abstract, Mind).


chart3.jpg, 1598x2385, 644KB


chart13.jpg, 3692x2948, 1390KB

Shows the links between our planet and the higher Solar structure.

Gives some insight into our planetary organizational structure.


chart6.jpg, 1645x2712, 601KB

Manas is mind, mentality.

chart7.jpg, 1612x2285, 394KB

Our planet is the 4th globe within the FOURTH CHAIN.


All charts are from

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice A. Bailey

Twelfth printing, 1982 (3rd Paperback Edition)