We have two major global problems:
1). The immediate COVID-19 issue and, in general, we need a more reliable, efficient and inexpensive form of healing.
2). The energy situation. We are in desperate need of a clean, inexpensive, energy source.

Solutions to both were found a century ago.

The work done by two men needs far greater attention.
Are global conditions desperate enough where you are willing to explore, to support, alternative possibilities?
1st, Royal R. Rife.
Be very careful as to who, what, you pay attention to relative to this man’s work. There are limited minds out there who think they know what they're talking about. Do your homework thoroughly!
The following book discusses his work:
The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression.
amazon.com/Cancer-Cure-That-Worked-Suppression/dp/0919951309 There's a 10 min video on this man:
youtube.com/watch?v=AysfKyl8O9k or download Rife Short Video 24.7MB.
There's also a 2:08 hour video which the above was taken from. Much more informative. youtube.com/watch?v=1QI_M03gBjU
or download Rife Long Video, 714MB.
This technology can eradicate all microorganisms. COVID-19 is a virus, a microorganism. Cancer, according to Rife, is caused by microorganisms.

Here's a well done video, 17 minutes, on the circumstances surrounding the Rife situation. It discusses the social, financial, problems he ran into and those responsible for burying his technology. The entire medical industry shares responsibility for this continuing tragedy!
youtube.com/watch?v=di3BHBnEQyg&feature=youtu.be or download Rife Tragedy, 125MB.
2nd, T. Henry Moray.
“An 18 inch high frequency brush discharge was sustained and energy up to 50,000 Watts obtained from one unit.”
The following book discusses his work: The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats.
There's a short video on Henry, 1:33 min., the quality isn't the best: youtube.com/watch?v=wHaFofUbsw0
The 1st edition of his book is available here: Moray1
Excerpts from the 4th edition are here: Moray4h
Here's the actual scanned 4th edition: Moray4s, 144MB. The 4th edition was the last compiled by Henry.
    It would be great to see this turn into an international, cooperative, effort to bring about a meaningful change in global developments and progress. I'm quite tired of the selfishness, indifference and lack of courage I see on the world stage, particularly among the scientists. You write your papers, present your awards, give your lectures and do research which is, very often, of little practical value to your people. It doesn't help!
    The corporations of the world are equally responsible for global conditions. Profits before the people. I understand that the medical industry will be initially, and significantly, disrupted by the Rife technology as will the energy industry by Moray. Fortunately, once the dust settles, both will be much more in accordance, in harmony, with natures natural processes. Rife can handle Covid! Moray can clean our atmosphere and provide power to the remotest of villages. What does common sense and human decency say should be done? Both industries will adjust fairly quickly once priorities have been adjusted. All we need do is open our hearts folks!!!

    NO miracle will be taking place that will solve our problems, NO avatar/messiah will be coming to show us the way out of the mess we've created. What would we learn??? We have two options:
    1). We get our act together and begin to face our responsibilities to each other and the planet. THEN He, with others, will come and help with the rebuilding. See Hierarchy.
    2). We stay on the path we're on which will, at some point, force the powers that be to take action. They will step in and say ENOUGH!!! We gave you time, you see the problems, yet you do nothing that will have a meaningful impact. You are children who lack the maturity to govern yourselves. So be it, We will now run global affairs. A sad situation our brothers and sisters, a lost opportunity.

    I have a BS in Physics which was obtained in the spring of 2014. I have much experience in the use of shop tools: the mill, lathe and so forth. I’ve used a variety of test equipment from a volt/ohm meter to the Spectrum Analyzer. I’ve held supervisory positions and oversaw funding. I’m conscientious, thorough and professional in all that I do.
    I can be a thorn in one’s side if I know I’m right. I expect people to be responsible, and can be unpleasant when they are not, though I understand the need for flexibility, within limits, and how variable global conditions can be. I have little tolerance for stupidity and immaturity on the part of intelligent individuals.
    As far as where I’m coming from, where my priorities lie, the website will tell you much. In particular this says a great deal. It was sent to 4417 physicists around the globe. For Your Consideration: FYC.

    As long as requests are reasonable, intelligent and do not impose unnecessary restrictions I should have no problem agreeing to them. Our primary objective must be the helping of our people and planet. As long as that is maintained things should go smoothly. I'm not opposed to making a responsible profit.

    I will leave it entirely up to you how monies are to be offered. I have knowledge, I have skills which can make use of this knowledge. I can create and apply this knowledge, make practical use of it. I AM NOT an expert in financial matters, the movement and distribution of funds. I DO use funding wisely, and efficiently, once I have access to it.

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