Time for a rewrite: 12/2/23.
Let’s see if WE can get something moving.

I'll keep this simple.
We have two major problem.
1). We're in need of a clean energy source that doesn't need to be plugged in every few hours.
2). We need a more efficient way of dealing with microbial infections.

See Discoveries for a discussion of solutions.
Moray and Keely could take care of our energy needs.
Moray would be the quickest, and safest, solution.

Keely would take more time to properly look into.
His work has tremendous possibilities for both constructive and destructive usage.
The work done by Rife is along similar lines to that of Keely but applied destructively to microbial organisms.

Some entity, whether governmental, corporate or individual, with the necessary resources, will read this.
You need to decide how important your people, and planet, are to you.
We can't stay on the path we're on!

I have the intelligence, and intuition, to be able to duplicate the work done by Moray and Rife fairly quickly.
Also, I'm sure the Hierarchy would be of assistance in getting this tech out to the people as soon as possible assuming honorable men and women are involved in the work.
I am by no means a financial wizard, that's where you come in, but once I have such resources I'm very good at managing them efficiently and wisely!
Provide me with the necessary funding and I WILL heal our planet and people.

Much as to the sort of man I am can be found on my website. I present numerous quotes, make many statements, all of which give you insight into me. I'm also an Occultist. This means many things but at its core there's the fulfilling ones responsibilities in an honorable manner. I'll be dead serious about any undertakings and won't waste time on nonessentials or trivialities. I've posted a few comment in my X account, @info137, giving further info on my beliefs, points of view.

By resources the financial aspect is obviously included but so will be the personnel to pull this off. They will need to be savvy relative to governmental, business, legal and scientific issues. I have a broad understanding of many things but I will need people with the already developed expertise if rapid progress is to be made and the games are to be kept to a minimum. They will need to be life smart as well, aware of the games and how to play them while maintaining their, our, honor!!!

I’m a US citizen living in one of the developing countries of Asia. I've been here for a few years. I'd prefer any work be carried out here therefore I would need someone with the business knowledge to create a research structure in this country. The dollar goes a lot further here and we could be of help to this country and its people. Naturally I'd provide you with more detailed information, as to where HERE is, should we reach an understanding.

I received a BS in Physics back in 2014, which implies that I can use my mind. Of equal importance is that I also have a heart which is very much in touch with human, global, need. The heart, love, moderates the mind. It keeps it in check. Priorities remain what they should be. The two together makes for a powerful combination.

Asia, open a dialog with one another. Provide the resources whereby I may develop these technologies and help your people.

Now, naturally, other segments of our global community are welcome to take part in this. Central and South America have similar financial and economic conditions. So does most of Africa. Let me help!!! You provide the means and I’ll organize everything into a functioning, focused, unit for human advancement.

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     I have reluctantly come to accept that the scientific communtiy has a difficult time with anything that has just a whisper of the Occult associated with it, PUBLICLY anyways! When I send an email to a group, on whatever topic, there's invariably increased website activity, and downloads, so privately there's interest. I've done everything in my power to give you options to make communications with me private and secure. Questions must arise when reviewing what is contained on this site yet nothing is asked.
     Most of the quotes I've posted come from the Bailey books, see Hierarchy. That webpage is the most read page on the site yet no questions as to who this group, organization, is! The Tibetan presents Himself, Themselves, well yet it's impossible for such questions not to exist!
     Nothing will get accomplished without Trust! Trust is something which must be developed over time yet a beginning must be made, a starting point established. I'm aware of how delicate an interaction with an Occultist (I also have a BS in Physics, Transcript) could be. All sorts of potential problems should it get out that you're interacting with such a person. The world knows practically nothing as to what the Occult is truly about. Until the scientific communtiy is willing to explore and develop a more intelligent, intellectual, grasp as to what this fundamental, and ancient, doctrine is care will have to be taken in all interactions. You must give it a chance to prove itself otherwise your timidness will be depriving humanity of valuable knowledge and tools! Begin to lay this foundation of Trust by proving that we orbit Sirius AND/OR that all Volcanos have a common, fundamental, resonant frequency. See half way down the About page. Both should be pretty straight forward to prove yet they have the potential to ignite a brilliant flame.