We have two major global problems:
1). An outdated, and inefficient, system for dealing with microbial infections, namely vaccines.
2). The energy situation. We are in desperate need of a clean, inexpensive, energy source.

Solutions to both were found a century ago.

The work done by two men, Rife and Moray, needs far greater attention.

Are global conditions desperate enough where you are willing to explore, to support, alternative solutions?

See Discoveries for a discussion of their work.
    It would be great to see this turn into an international, cooperative, effort to bring about a meaningful change in global developments and progress. I'm quite tired of the indifference and lack of courage I see on the world stage, particularly among the scientists. You write your papers, present your awards, give your lectures and do research which is, for the most part, of little practical value to your people or planet. Over the decades vast sums have been spent, continue to be spent, on a variety of projects providing zero help to our global society! I've got no problem with such theoretical investigations taking place ONCE our collective problems have been solved. Priorities folks, we must set better priorites!
    The corporations, and financial institutions, of the world are equally responsible for global conditions. Profits before the people. The medical industry will be initially, and significantly, disrupted by the Rife technology as will the energy industry by the work done by Moray BUT THEY WILL ADJUST. Rife can handle any infectious disease, which includes Cancer! The Moray technology can handle ANY of our energy needs. Whether powering a car, the remotest of villages or the largest of cities.

    NO miracle will be taking place that will solve our problems, NO avatar/messiah will be coming to show us the way out of the mess we've created. What would we learn??? See Goodwill.pdf. We have two options:
    1). We get our act together and begin to face our responsibilities to each other and the planet.
    2). We stay on the path we're on which will, at some point, force the powers that be to take action. They will step in and say ENOUGH!!! We gave you time, you see the problems, yet you do nothing that will have a meaningful impact. You are children who lack the maturity to govern yourselves. So be it, We will now run global affairs. A sad situation our brothers and sisters, a lost opportunity.

    I have a BS in Physics which was obtained in the spring of 2014. I have much experience in the use of shop tools: the mill, lathe and so forth. I’ve used a variety of test equipment from a volt/ohm meter to the Spectrum Analyzer. I’ve held supervisory positions and oversaw funding. I’m conscientious, thorough and professional in all that I do.
    I can be a thorn in one’s side if I know I’m right. I expect people to be responsible, and can be unpleasant when they are not, though I understand the need for flexibility, within limits, and how variable global conditions can be. I have little tolerance for arrogance and immaturity on the part of intelligent individuals.

    The above is largely background information. Along with the rest of the website it will help you to better understand me, the individual you're considering working with. This would be a joint effort so compromise would be required from both sides. I'm very good at managing monies. Acquiring them is another issue. There are lines I won't cross but I may be willing to walk on them. Discretion and privacy would be essential.

    I use Wise.com. I've opened a few accounts with them in 6 countries:
Canada--Ottawa, Belgium--Brussels, United Kingdom--London, New Zealand--London UK, Singapore--Singapore, United States--New York City
If none of the above are suitable then numerous other locations are available. If you have a preferred method of moving funds, lets talk.

Bitcoin (BTC) addresses and QR codes are available. Each will be used only once.
I'm an American living abroad, Asia. I have yet to find a Crypto Exchange that is willing to work with me.
Until I do all transactions would have to be done in Bitcoin.

donate137@protonmail.com For non-protonmail users. PGP public keys: ECC or RSA 4096 Primary, updated Feb 13th 2023.
ECC: 82CC630281FE80FB5A056463E76FDF3703155AC01444AE599E2E298F49329F42
All emails sent will be signed. Be sure to include your public key with the initial communication.
And finally afh137@tutamail.com, Threema ID: 4TM9PMUB, Signal #: 3154000912.

     I have reluctantly come to accept that the scientific communtiy has a difficult time with anything that has just a whisper of the Occult associated with it, PUBLICLY anyways! When I send an email to a group, on whatever topic, there's invariably increased website activity, and downloads, so privately there's interest. I've done everything in my power to give you options to make communications with me private and secure. Questions must arise when reviewing what is contained on this site yet nothing is asked.
     Most of the quotes I've posted come from the Bailey books, see Hierarchy. That webpage is the most read page on the site yet no questions as to who this group, organization, is! The Tibetan presents Himself, Themselves, well yet it's impossible for such questions not to exist!
     Nothing will get accomplished without Trust! Trust is something which must be developed over time yet a beginning must be made, a starting point established. I'm aware of how delicate an interaction with an Occultist (I also have a BS in Physics, Transcript) could be. All sorts of potential problems should it get out that you're interacting with such a person. The world knows practically nothing as to what the Occult is truly about. Until the scientific communtiy is willing to explore and develop a more intelligent, intellectual, grasp as to what this fundamental, and ancient, doctrine is care will have to be taken in all interactions. You must give it a chance to prove itself otherwise your timidness will be depriving humanity of valuable knowledge and tools! Begin to lay this foundation of Trust by proving that we orbit Sirius AND/OR that all Volcanos have a common, fundamental, resonant frequency. See half way down the About page. Both should be pretty straight forward to prove yet they have the potential to ignite a brilliant flame.