"Exclusive: Liz Cheney’s new book blasts GOP as ‘enablers and collaborators’ of Trump,
whom one member called ‘Orange Jesus’"
“We may have disagreed on pretty much everything else, but Nancy Pelosi and I saw eye to eye on the one thing
that mattered more than any other: the defense of our Constitution and the preservation of our republic.”
“The assumption that our institutions will protect themselves is purely wishful thinking
by people who prefer to look the other way.”
“Every one of us – Republican, Democrat, Independent – must work and vote together to ensure
that Donald Trump and those who have appeased, enabled, and collaborated with him are defeated.”
Liz, you need to run. You'll give Republicans a resonable alternative.

"Far-right outsider Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidency"
Argentina, what did you do?!
"... by closing Argentina’s ministries of culture, education, and diversity, and by eliminating public subsidies."
"slashing regulations on gun control"
"... calling Pope Francis, who is from Argentina and is seen as an icon of progressive politics
in South America, 'an envoy of Satan' in 2017." "An envoy of Satan", come on!
You saw the style, the flamboyance, the charisma but none of the substance. Same applies to those who support Trump!
I've got no problem with being brutally harsh on those who "flip the bird" at our society and people, they must be removed.
But, I've seen few individuals who can be this decisive yet still love!!!
Makes a world of difference in how things are handled, how priorities are set.

"The most powerful rocket ever built just went farther than it had ever gone, then was lost"
I'm sure a lot of hard work went into designing and building this BUT there have been ships
buzzing around in our atmosphere for centuries which are FAR superior
to anything we've built (publicly) to date. Yet we continue to waste money on inefficient,
slow, less maneuverable and frankly crude/primitive, ROCKET technology.
Sorry Elon, redirect your vast resources into a more impressive propulsion system.
Rockets won't do it. They're SLOW, they won't allow for exploration in a timely manner!
Any thoughts of going outside our Solar System are out of the question.

"David Cameron returns to British government after hardline Home Secretary Suella Braverman is fired"
Great to see, well done, a responsible decision.

Just finished the movie "Police State".
You have 2 groups in the US. The country is roughly split 50-50 between them.
One group is increasingly becoming radicalized, is limited in what it can see
and believes God is on their side, the Christian God.
The other group is quietly watching and listening.
They see much, understand much. This group voted Trump OUT OF office.
I don’t believe a police state is taking shape in the US.
I do believe you have some seriously concerned individuals who are trying
to prevent a meltdown of the US! They’ve made mistakes, overreacted at times,
but are sincere in what they’re trying to do.
This movie is obviously designed to support one of these groups.

"This megacity is the latest to shut down as pollution chokes swathes of South Asia"
The world is not doing what it needs to to resolve this!
Everyone is waiting for someone else to fix things. You, the corporate world, have the resources to deal with
this yet you're being lazy and insensitive. You're doing nothing of substance and your people continue to suffer.
They need transportation, they need a clean engine that doesn't need to be plugged in every few hours.
Solutions are available! See Discoveries.

"China has a sweeping vision to reshape the world — and countries are listening"
This is the 13,000-word "policy document" referred to under 'Shared future'.
China, just finished the Oppenheimer movie.
The mentality which existed in D.C. back in the 40s is still prevalent today. Especially with the current crop of Republicans.
You want a war I promise you you'll get one. It will be bloody and destructive.
I wouldn't be surprised if at some point someone pushes the button.
All that we cherish and love will then be gone because children, adolescents, are running things, on both sides.
I'm currently reading your “A Global Community of Shared Future: China's Proposals and Actions”.
Highlighting and commenting as I go along.
Many wonderful words but my gut is telling me that there’s an agenda behind it. It’s subtly misleading in a number of ways.
Your president will be meeting with mine next week. A constructive dialog needs to be established.
Otherwise, disaster will follow for both of us!

"Humanity just lived through the hottest 12 months in at least 125,000 years"
Well, we're not doing anything substantial to fix the problem SO prepare for more of the same, probably worse.
See Discoveries. Solutions are there folks!!!

"Trump’s day in court paints a dark preview of the national ordeal ahead"
This guy represents all that is wrong with Corporate America! CEOs, you need to take a hard look at him.
With few exceptions each of you will see a part of yourselves within him.

"Mayan Toledano’s vibrant photographs of queer life in Mexico City"
We wonder why our kids are having problems. Things like this need to be responsibly DEALT WITH.

"China blames Canada for ‘malicious, provocative’ moves after close midair intercepts over South China Sea"
China, you're completely immersed in your arrogance, you can not see clearly.
You need to do some serious self reflection, from the perspective of being part of a larger community,
which you have responsibilities towards, or you're going to start a very nasty war.

"How Microsoft is making a mess of the news after replacing staff with AI"
AIs potential for good is tremendous as is its ability to wreak havoc.
I don't see the necessary thought being given to this developing technology.

"Reports: Trump told Mar-a-Lago member about calls with foreign leaders"
You gotta read this folks. Goes well beyond just a phone call.

"Donald Trump fined $5,000 for violating gag order in New York fraud trial and warned twice about imprisonment"
Good to see, lock him up! He has gotten away with far too much!
Many Americans have given him the power that he has had. He's not worthy of it!

"Putin touts solidarity with China in Xi’s pitch for new world order as crisis grips Middle East"
Worth the read. China and Russia still don't get it.
Putin says "and the right of every state for their own development model." That's the problem.
I can watch CNN, BBC, Al Jezeera and get a good idea as to what's going on in the world.
That's NOT the case in Russia or China. They control the media.
This type of "model" stifles intellectual, evolutionary, growth and expansion!
A new model is most definitely needed but China, you don't have it. Not with your current ideology.
Our people must be allowed to explore and expand. Guidance will be needed, not an enforced regime.

"Jim Jordan scrambles for votes after 20 GOP defections imperil his speaker bid"
The Republican Party is LOST. They can not govern in a responsible manner.
Ideologies are more important than our country or its people. Way too far off to the right.
We do need to take a tougher stance on a number of issues but not at the expense of what makes our country what it is.
We're a beacon of light in the world. We set a standard. Honor, compassion and strength mean something to us.
Is Jim Jordan the individual to lead in this way?

"Trump loses first of several bids to toss suit seeking to block him from Colorado ballot"
Great to see. This man is a significant threat in a number of ways.
He has no business holding any kind of political office ANYWHERE.

"Republican's claim about Jim Jordan stuns Jake Tapper"
"not at all", I needed that :-).

"Mideast and US leaders tried to sweep the Palestinian issue under the rug. That may not work anymore"
Fortunately there are those who can see clearly!

"Harvard student groups issued an anti-Israel statement. CEOs want them blacklisted"
Someone, please send me a copy of this letter. CEOs, see the above post. Regardless of the content of this letter it appears you're willing to ignore the Palestinian issue. "The statement said millions of Palestinians in Gaza have been 'forced to live in an open-air prison' and called on Harvard to 'take action to stop the ongoing annihilation of Palestinians.'"
Well CEOs? True or false? You appear to be condoning this decades long occupation! I need to see this letter!

"More than 900 people have died in Israel and more than 600 in Gaza. Israel warns the war is just beginning"
This conflict began back in the late 1940's when the Zionists stole Palestinian land
with the help of the UNITED STATES.
Be careful who your hearts go out to. The ultimate blame rests with Zionists and the US!
It was not intended that a Jewish state come into existence. They were suppose to be integrated into the global community.
The world was ready to welcome them into their lands but the Zionists began to shout from the roof tops which has led to decades of disaster and bloodshed. Please see Jews.pdf.

China censored this photo of two athletes. Was it for a perceived Tiananmen massacre reference?
China, this simple act speaks volumes about your approach to your governing methods, and your people.
You want us to be impressed but actions like this show your true colors. Shameful!

9/21/23--California is engaged in the world's largest dam removal project in hopes of letting nature rebound
Great to see!!!

See heartbreaking moment young Black gymnast appears to be skipped at medal ceremony
Come'on people. It's remarkable how primitive some of you white folks are! I'm white, your kind are a disgrace!

China’s second biggest real estate company’s woes deepen
Evergrande’s plan to stave off collapse is running into trouble
Even 1.4 billion people can’t fill all of China’s vacant homes, ex-official admits
Yet they kept building anyways, remarkable! Tremendous waste of manpower and resources.

The Philippines condemns China for installing floating barrier in disputed South China Sea
The Philippines accuses China’s shadowy maritime militia of destroying coral reefs in South China Sea

Inside the talks leading to a step-down in the G20's Ukraine declaration
Cowards, children, adolescents, all of you, at this G20!!!

Oceans polluted with plastic
Great to see something FINALLY being done about this. Watch the video.

'China has changed.' Germany unveils strategy to cut reliance on world’s no. 2 economy
China, the world is going to globally isolate you because of your actions!
No friends, no trading partners, of any substance. Your people will lose employment and begin to rebel.

North Korea says it tested an advanced solid-fueled ballistic missile. Here’s why adversaries are alarmed
China, they're your responsibility. You allow this nonsense to continue!

Thailand’s PM to retire after military-backed rule overwhelmingly rejected
Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announces retirement from politics
Good news!

China and Taiwan loom large behind Ukraine at NATO summit
"The Chinese government’s increasingly coercive behavior abroad and repressive policies at home challenge NATO’s security, values, and interests,"
"Beijing is threatening its neighbors and bullying other countries,"
It attempts "to take control of critical supply chains and infrastructure in NATO states."
China wonders why it faces so much opposition!
"The French stance is reportedly that NATO is an North American and European alliance, not a global one."
NATO is globally extending its values and responsibilities. China has no one to blame for this except themselves.
"We must have a common understanding of the security risks we face and work together to strengthen the resilience of our societies, economies, and democracies."

7/10/23: Miss Netherlands contestant makes history as first trans woman to win the pageant
This gay, transgender, situation is getting out of hand. See Homosexuality.
You think you're doing the right thing by supporting such lifestyles but you're only promoting an ancient
side effect which needs to be intelligently, humanely and compassionately DEALT WITH!

Federal judge blocks Biden administration officials from communicating with social media companies
This is not a difficult concept.
People have the right to say whatever they want as long as it is said responsibly and it SPEAKS TRUTH!!!
Lies and misinformation CAN NOT be permitted. We're taking this free speech issue way too far.
It's now being used and abused!!! This IS NOT what our founding fathers intended.

China throws support behind ‘strategic partner’ Russia after Wagner insurrection challenges Putin
Two men desperately trying to hold onto power. I actually felt sorry for them. Outdated individuals.

Biden downplays Xi remarks as China warns of ‘consequences’
Biden downplays impact of his comments on Xi as China warns of ‘consequences’
“'The idea of me choosing and avoiding saying what I think is facts with regard to the
relationship with China is just not something I’m going to change very much,' Biden said."
I see little, if any, intelligence in this!

Four alarming charts that show just how extreme the climate is right now

Putin confirms tactical nuclear weapons have arrived in Belarus
Ukraine's ambassador to UK: Delivery of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus should be taken "very seriously"
Foolishness, stupidity!!!

Scientists report creation of first human synthetic model embryos
Well, lets see where this goes! A door has been opened. I'm not very hopeful ethically.

Orcas bite both rudders off catamaran. See the moment.
'We didn't even see them coming': Orcas are attacking boats in Europe.
I was impressed!

A third of young men in Germany think violence against women is ‘acceptable,’ study finds
Germany, you've got a problem!!!

Neolithic stones removed to build new hardware store
Ancient stones removed in France to build new hardware store
A hardware store! Olivier, really!!! How much are you making off of this atrocity???

UFO expert: Removing stigma around UFOs will lead to more answers
A representative from the FAA stated that in February alone they had 68 reports of UAPs
because the stigma associated with reporting such incidents IS FINALLY coming down.
We now need to extend a hand of WELCOME to them. They clearly wish to interact.
The UN, the world, needs to make a unified, public, statement of WELCOME. Come on down, lets talk!!!

US court to hear challenge over Prince Harry’s visa following drug revelations
"The Heritage Foundation has long been one of the most influential conservative think tanks in Washington. Nile Gardiner, director of the foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, tweeted on Thursday that there was a public interest in disclosing Harry’s records."
You're greatly exaggerating the "public interest" in Harrys situation! Have you ever partied with "illegal" substances? Ever done mushrooms Nile? If NO then I'm more concerned about your mental objectivity then Harrys days of exploration and experimentation. I've seen people lose it, personalities change, while on hallucinogens. Harrys still in one piece. That says something about the grip he has on himself. Try some mushrooms Nile. Lets see how good a hold you have on yourself. You impress me as being intellectually limited and possessing little depth in your thought processes!!!

Teen girl in India stabbed to death in public, reigniting outrage over violence against women

Video shows Chinese jet unsafely intercepting US spy plane
Chinese fighter jet cut so close to US spy plane it caused turbulence
Back on the 23rd the new ambassador to the US from China presented a positive dialog.
Now this nonsence.

Death of Russian minister on return from Cuba is latest unexplained incident involving Moscow’s elites

Amanda Gorman ‘gutted’ by school district’s decision to restrict her poem over ‘hate messages’
Shameful action on the part of Bob Graham Education Center.
"It 'is not educational and have (sic) indirectly hate messages,' the complaint said,
adding that the poem would 'cause confusion and indoctrinate students.'"
There's nothing hateful or indoctrinating in that poem, NOTHING.
Honesty and frankness, a broader perspective, for sure. This is exactly what our kids need!
This parent has no idea what it truly means to be an American, Amanda does.
Watch the video, the poem, folks. Impressive!!!

New Chinese ambassador warns of ‘serious difficulties’ in US-China relations
CNN used a misleading, poor, title for what appears to be positive, and hopeful, developments.
Lets hope that together the US and the PRC can resolve a number of issues, especially Russia.

Dust devil disrupts youth baseball game. See what happens next
Interesting how it stays focussed on that one boy.

Video: Plants make noises when they’re stressed. Listen to this
This is how plants react when a bug starts eating them
Plants are greatly underestimated.

Anderson Cooper addresses criticism about Trump town hall
Worth the watch. He has some good things to say.

5/10/23---Key moments from Trump's CNN town hall
CNN town hall with former President Donald Trump
There's a large percentage of Americans who DO NOT have the ability to think.
Their moral and ethical standards are WAY below where they should be.
That this man still has the support that he does says much about the darker side of America.
The same can be said for this guy:
"Watch Santos speak outside of courthouse after pleading not guilty to 13 federal charges"
"George Santos speaks outside of courthouse after pleading not guilty"
The allegations were already surfacing prior to the election yet he got in. Children electing a child.

5/9/23---Ottawa declares Chinese diplomat 'persona non grata' in Canada
China, you're just digging a deeper hole for yourself. You're like a child that whines when told NO!

New documents show how a US Supreme Court Justice helped George W. Bush win the 2000 election
New documents show how Sandra Day O’Connor helped George W. Bush win the 2000 election
Once again, a decision which affected the ideological cource which our country took.
Give some thought to the path our country would have gone down if Gore had won!
Remember the Kennedy days! See the film JFK, (944MB, 3:21, 1991).

FIFA President threatens Women’s World Cup broadcast blackout
FIFA President Gianni Infantino threatens Women’s World Cup broadcast blackout
in ‘Big 5’ European countries over media rights offers
I've never had interest in football (soccer) but this appears to be a good positive fair step for the women.
If their viewing figures are 50-60% of the men they should get at least that percentage
of the $100-200 million which the men receive. NOT the $1-10 million.

AI pioneer quits Google to warn about the technology’s ‘dangers’

Russia suffered more than 100,000 casualties since December, US says
Russia has suffered more than 100,000 casualties since December, Biden administration estimates
People of Russia, DO SOMETHING!!! How can you tolerate this.

News of right-wing extremist’s departure comes a week after Fox News settled
lawsuit with Dominion over network’s election lies.
Tucker Carlson out at Fox News
"Inside Fox News, some of Carlson’s internal critics rejoiced upon learning the news,
people inside the network told CNN. There’s 'a lot of relief generally, surprise they had the nerve to do it,
and hope for a culture change,' one employee explained."

CNN parting ways with ‘CNN This Morning’ host Don Lemon
Don Lemon and CNN part ways

The next two listing will require Musk, and the banks, to invest in the Moray technology.
Provide me with the financial resources. I'll get thing done.
See alliancesforhumanity.com/discoveries/

Was the SpaceX launch really a ‘success?’
As I've said elsewhere using rockets is inefficient, expensive, wasteful and an extremely slow technology.
It's foolish to keep using it. AGAIN, there've been ships buzzing around in our atmosphere for some
time now which are far superior in all respects and I assume much more cost effective in producing.
And don't forget that car which Elon Musk put in orbit. Trash, garbage, which has NO business being there.
He may be the 2nd richest person but he has never impressed me as a human being.
If he wishes to truly impress the world have him develop high energy crafts AND artificial gravity.
What he's currently doing is a tremendous waste of resources!!!

The world’s biggest banks are still pouring money into fossil fuels
The banks are being ... stupid, childish and greedy. NOT responsible global entities.
There're contributing to our problems and don't give a damn!!!

FBI arrests alleged Chinese agents and accuses them of running undeclared ‘police station’ in New York City
FBI arrests two alleged Chinese agents and charges dozens with working inside US to silence dissidents
China, you're doing a great deal that just makes matters worse for you.
You look foolish, immature and insecure. None of this will improve your global image.

"German foreign minister urges China to exert influence on Russia to end Ukraine war"
"'Difficult if not impossible' for EU to maintain 'relationship of trust with China'
if Beijing doesn’t help end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine" said EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrel.
There's more to be seen on this page. Things are heating up folks!
China, it's all coming down to YOU. A responsible peace or tremendous loss of life.

Record rise in China's sea levels threatens coastal cities like Shanghai
China, you need to be working with the world to deal with such issues.
This IS, will increasingly become, a major problem for you, for all of us.
You becoming THE major world power, the dominant power, won't happen!

Justice Clarence Thomas failed to disclose 2014 real estate deal with GOP megadonor, ProPublica report finds
Worth some thought.

WTA set to return to China in September despite uncertainty over Peng Shuai’s situation
Shuai did not return to the world tennis stage. Gaoli lost face and was dishonored.
China, you did not handle this responsibly, honorably, therefore leaving you with an image problem.
The WTA is making a mistake in returning to your country. You've done nothing to earn this.

How electric tuk-tuks could become a 'virtual power plant' for this country
Impressive, more of this needs to be happening.

World No. 1 Iga Świątek says tennis missed opportunity in not banning Russian, Belarusian players
She's right!

Tennessee’s Republican-led House expels 2 (Black) Democratic lawmakers over gun reform protest,
fails in bid to oust a third (White rep.)
Shameful. We should be long past such racial childishness.

Hundreds of millions at risk
‘I’ve never seen anything like this:’ One of China’s most popular apps has the ability to spy on its users, say experts
An influential Chinese blogger disappeared from the internet. This woman says she knows why
China, things like this are why the WORLD is increasingly cautious of you!!!
You believe your system to be a superior one, IT IS NOT!

Deep ocean currents could collapse if human don't act fast, scientists say
Crucial Antarctic ocean circulation heading for collapse if planet-warming pollution remains high, scientists warn

At least 3 children and 3 adults killed in Nashville elementary school shooting
Angry shooting survivor who is visiting Nashville jumps in at news conference
She's right. Aren't you tired of our kids being gunned down like this?!
The NRA needs to be dealt with. Our reps in DC need to get off there butts and show some backbone.

Uganda parliament passes bill criminalizing identifying as LGBTQ, imposes death penalty for some offenses
This LGBTQ issue must be handled decisively but humanely. We've been far too liberal in dealing with it.
It shouldn't be legalized but Uganda is going way too far in the other direction. See

Russian soldier accused of war crimes in absentia after audio intercepted
‘I killed a man today’: Russian soldier accused of war crimes in absentia after audio files intercepted
They shouldn't of hid this guys face, or his wifes, in the video! The world should see these people.

House GOP uses its new power in extraordinary effort to shield Trump from indictment
Folks, you need to take a hard look at all of those who support Trump.
After all that has happened I'm still amazed that he recieves this kind of support.
Says a great deal about the caliber of many of our people.
Many of them are highly intelligent individuals. Well educated with strong mentalities.
Unfortunately ambition, the pursuit of power, is what motivates them. Not serving the people!

China's leader Xi arrives in Moscow
In Moscow, Xi reiterates willingness to work with Putin to "safeguard international order"
Interesting timing for this get together. New moon occurs on Mar 21 @ 1:26PM EST.
The Spiritual low point in the lunar cycle.

3/16/23--SXSW: Is the world prepared for the coming AI storm?
Greed, indifference and the pursuit of power will, as usual, dominate its use.
There aren't enough angry humanitarians to make sure it's used otherwise.

This booming industry could stand in the way of the ozone healing
Informative, worth the time, 4:26, to watch. Her presentation makes up for the cat ears.
As I've said before, rocket technology is primitive. Far superior forms of transporation have been seen in our skies for many decades. We've foolishly chosen to ignore this technology, at least publically.

2.3 million tons of plastic in oceans after 'rapid and unprecedented' spike in pollution
More than 170 trillion plastic particles found in the ocean as pollution reaches ‘unprecedented’ levels

Xi Jinping hits out at US as he urges China’s private firms to ‘fight’ alongside Communist Party
"However, Xi also stressed the need to strengthen political and ideological control of private industry,
saying entrepreneurs should be guided to 'correctly understand' the principles and policies of the Communist Party,
including his call for 'common prosperity.'
"Private entrepreneurs should be 'patriotic' and actively participate in social welfare and charitable undertakings, he said."
They are very good at using words to manipulate and control while ignoring the rights of the rest of the world.

China's new foreign minister rebukes US
China’s new foreign minister warns of conflict with US, defends Russia ties
Suppressing China won't make America great - Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang
China is lost, blinded by, immersed in, its own rhetoric. It is now beyond the ability to think rationally, objectively.
WE ARE HEADING FOR WAR FOLKS, PREPARE!!! It's going to be messy and bloody.
Such arrogance must be overwhelmingly defeated before it relents. Remember Japan during WWII?!
Apparently China has forgotten the resolve which the US possesses.
We faught, and won, on two fronts during WWII, Europe and the Pacific.
Here there will be only one field of battle and Europe is now free to engage.

3/5/23--Ocean treaty: Historic agreement reached after decade of talks
A good step in the right direction.

I'm a 'Physical 100' convert, and I'm not sorry
This is all going in the wrong direction!!! Material warriors are being emphasized, not Spiritual combatants!!!
We are in desperate need of the later, not this nonsense.

Move over, artificial intelligence. Scientists announce a new 'organoid intelligence' field
Something to keep an eye on.

FBI Director Wray acknowledges bureau assessment that Covid-19 likely resulted from lab incident
"Wray’s comments come just days after news of the Department of Energy’s 'low-confidence'
assessment that Covid-19 most likely originated from a laboratory leak in China, underscoring a
divide in the US government as the majority of the intelligence community still believes that Covid
either emerged naturally in the wild, or that there is still too little evidence to make a judgment one way or another."
The FBI needs to be careful here!
"'You’re talking about a potential leak from a Chinese government-controlled lab that killed millions of Americans,'
Wray said of the coronavirus, 'and that’s precisely what that capability was designed for.'"
Millions were killed Globally, including China! See covid19.who.int/.

US-China tensions further inflamed by new controversies
US Navy reconnaissance flight over Taiwan Strait draws angry response from China
"Beijing sends military aircraft and ships into the Taiwan Strait on a daily basis as it keeps up military pressure on the island."
"The US P-8A flight on Monday was the second in less than a week to draw significant attention from the PLA."
"'They are rehearsing, they are practicing, they are experimenting, and they are preparing those forces for something,'...
'But you don’t build up that kind of arsenal to just defend and protect. You are probably building that for other purposes.'”

Russian unit says it's in a 'desperate position'
Russian unit complains of receiving "criminal orders" and being sent into battle "to be slaughtered"
People of Russia, you really need to begin to get pissed at all of this. Your leaders are cowards.
They know what is happening is wrong! They're willing to sacrifice your men to an UNJUST and SHAMEFUL cause.
They lack honor and are not qualified to hold the positions that they do, DO SOMETHING!

Earth’s innermost layer is a 400-mile-wide ball of iron, new study suggests
See The Constitution of the Earth, alliancesforhumanity.com/books/tcote.pdf by A.P. Sinnett, 1903.
Primary discussion begins on page 13.

'The beginning of the end?': Scientists sound the alarm on Antarctic sea ice
Antarctic sea ice hit record lows again. Scientists wonder if it’s ‘the beginning of the end’

Putin: Russia suspending participation in nuclear arms treaty
Russia is suspending its participation in New START nuclear weapons treaty, Putin says
"Under the key nuclear arms control treaty, both the United States and Russia are permitted to conduct inspections of each other’s weapons sites, but inspections have been halted since 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to US officials, Russia has continually refused to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities."

US is beginning to see 'disturbing' trends in China's support for Russia
US warns allies at Munich that China may increase support for Russia
Childish arrogance will soon kill many.

Analysis: Fox News has been exposed as a dishonest organization terrified of its own audience
"A trove of newly-released text messages and emails have laid bare how the right-wing media giant operated with little regard for fact in the weeks and months following the 2020 presidential election. The correspondence reveals that the network’s senior-most executives and highest-profile hosts chose not to disclose what they believed to be the truth of the election out of fear that that the facts would alienate Fox News’ audience and throw the highly profitable business into ruin."

China calls its Covid response a ‘miracle in human history.’ The data isn’t so clear
"China has declared a 'major and decisive victory' in its handling of the coronavirus outbreak that swept the country in recent months following an abrupt relaxation of its 'zero-Covid' policy late last year."

Fox News stars and executives privately trashed Trump’s election fraud claims, court document reveals
"The most prominent stars and highest-ranking executives at Fox News privately ridiculed claims of election fraud in the 2020 election, despite the right-wing channel allowing lies about the presidential contest to be promoted on its air, damning messages contained in a Thursday court filing revealed." Shameful!

2/16/23--Breathtaking images from Underwater Photographer of the Year competition

New image of the sun could help unravel solar mysteries
Interesting video. There's other data they're not including in their considerations. See Sirius.

So-called Doomsday Glacier is ‘in trouble,’ scientists say after finding surprising formations under ice shelf
"Every year it sheds billions of tons of ice into the ocean, contributing about 4% of annual sea level rise.
The complete collapse of the Thwaites itself could lead to sea level rise of more than two feet (70 centimeters), which would be enough to devastate coastal communities around the world."

SpaceX attempts first 'static fire' test of gargantuan Super Heavy rocket booster.
SpaceX’s interplanetary rocket fires up engines in unprecedented test.
"The engine test marked the next major step forward in the development of the Starship system—
comprised of the Super Heavy booster and a spacecraft—
that is designed to ferry people and large amounts of cargo into deep space, including missions to the moon and Mars."
Primitive technology. Far superior propulsion systems have been in use, in our atmosphere, for many decades.

US officials disclosed new details about the balloon’s capabilities. Here’s what we know.
"... the order to send the balloon was dispatched without Chinese President Xi Jinping’s knowledge ..."
Hopefully whoever gave the order gets, at the very least, a good tongue-lashing.

‘Strong indications’ Putin decided to give separatists the missile that downed MH17 in 2014, say Dutch investigators.
Folks, the actions necessary to avert another major war aren't happening. Quite the opposite!!!
China and N. Korea are itching for a conflict, as was/is Russia. See the last two images here:
What do you see in the faces of the commanders and politicians? Maby some fear/concern but also arrogance!
A willingness to toe the party line regardless of where it may lead. This implies moral weakness and lack of courage.

SpaceX put a Tesla sportscar into space five years ago. Where is it now?
We've polluted our planet and now have our trash orbiting the sun.
Foolishness, arrogance and childishness caused this to happen.

2/3/23: How Jennifer Lopez's iconic Grammy Awards gown changed the internet forever
Remember when Jennifer Lopez's Grammy Awards dress helped invent Google Image Search?
There's nothing at all positive in what is presented here.
It sends entirely the wrong message to society, and more importanly our kids, especially our daughters!!!
CNN, you can do better than this. I rank it up there with the fish head pie!

GOP-led House votes to remove Ilhan Omar from powerful committee
House passes resolution to remove Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee
I would hire her in a heartbeat, stand by her side in battle.
She is more American, the TRUE American spirit, than are most of the Republicans!
See Jews.pdf. Do a search for "Palestine" and "Zionist."

Suspected Chinese spy balloon flying over US
Pentagon tracking suspected Chinese spy balloon over the US

Chevron earnings soar to a record
I see no attempts to channel any of these vast sums into large scale clean energy sources such as the Moray device.
There's going to have to be government intervention.
Their loyalties are to the bottom line, NOT the planet or humanity, both of which they're willing to sacrifice!

1/27/23: Police kick and punch Tyre Nichols during violent arrest in Memphis
Rodney King's daughter in tears after watching video
A 2nd video follows the 1st, both need to be seen.

I go to certain websites to download the films I watch.
I'm increasingly seeing a large number of "Horror" films. The "Violence" has always been there.
Avatar I was, II is, an action film. It's not what I would consider "violent" though there is violence in it.
Just like the TV series "Yellowstone". There's violence but also a great deal of Justice!
Producers/Directors would not be making these H&V films unless there was money to be made.
Unless you, the audience, was willing to pay, to see, to support, there production.
This says a great deal about you folks.
Within the privacy of your bedrooms the gore and filth is allowed to enter into your lives.
A residue of this you carry with you always. This has a permeating effect throughout society.
It enhances the attitude of H&V making it more tolerable.
These Producers/Directors prey on the weak, the morally and ethically feeble.
Those with no solid foundation, who easily succumb to the temptations of the left-hand path, the dark side.
See The Social Dilemma, (1.87GB, 1:35, 2020).

The Doomsday Clock reveals how close we are to total annihilation
90 seconds folks. Our foolishness, our indifference, our inability to take a stand, has lost us 10 seconds.

1/23/23: Rioter who propped feet on Pelosi's desk found guilty
Capitol rioter who posed with feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk found guilty
Great, glad to see it!!! George Santos, Solomon Pena and this guy, along with the others from Jan 6th, this is what the Republican Party is producing.
Liars, potential murderers, radicals and extremists. They've lost a balanced perspective.
They're not Serving The People, only their right wing agenda. They're increasingly a threat to our country!

Three weeks and 38 mass shootings. This is America in 2023.
"At least seven people are dead in Half Moon Bay, California, in the second mass shooting in the state in 48 hours."

This guy made $150,000 a day, because Corporate America is out of control

1/23/23: Kylie Jenner's head-turning, hyper-real lion outfit is dividing opinion
Everything you need to know about Kylie Jenner's lion's head outfit
Condoning/praising such things is sending entirely the wrong message.
See the 60 Minutes piece The Vanishing Wild (210MB, 0:13) which aired on 1/1/23.

1/23/23: This dead fish head pie is worth waiting for
Why this fish head pie is only cooked once a year
Really, CNN you can do better than this!

1/23/23: Jacinda Ardern abuse 'abhorrent', says incoming NZ PM Chris Hipkins

They joined a vigil in China. Then their lives were turned upside down
“As I record this video, four of my friends have already been taken away,”
the woman, age 26, said, speaking clearly into the camera in a video recording from late December obtained by CNN.
“I entrusted some friends of mine with making this video public after my disappearance. In other words, when you see this video, I have been taken away by the police for a while.”

1/22/23: Video shows scenic Balkan river filled with waste
River Drina: 'Embarrassment' of beauty spot's plastic waste

Warning issued over ‘dragon’s breath’ viral video trend

1/17/23: Industrial espionage: How China sneaks out America's technology secrets

Opinion: Why Prince Harry is such a threat to a certain kind of man
It's the immature, arrogant, racist, supposed MEN, who make such comments about Prince Harry, that are the problem.
H has been defending his wife, an admirable thing to do guys, and himself. Between the TV series "The Crown," the 6 part documentary and the book a lowering of the veil, long overdue, has taken place. The Institution can now be seen. With few exceptions there has been nothing special about those found within, or who associate themselves with, this Monarchy. We shall see if a cleansing has happened. This will be primarily your responsibility William! Can you find a responsible balance?
H has a far better grip on what it means to be a MAN than does those criticizing him.
Immature adolescents work for, or contribute to, these tabloids!!!
CNN/Louis, that photo showing Meghan and Harry does not do her justice. You can do better!

US carrier strike group begins operating in South China Sea as tensions with China simmer
"A US carrier strike group began operating in the South China Sea on Thursday, the Navy announced, amid heightened tensions with Beijing, which claims much of the body of water as its sovereign territory.
Three weeks ago, a Chinese J-11 fighter jet intercepted a US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea in what the US called an 'unsafe maneuver.' The RC-135 Rivet Joint was forced to take evasive action, the US said, when the Chinese jet closed to within 20 feet of the larger, slower reconnaissance jet.
The People’s Liberation Army fired back with their own account of the interception, claiming it was the US aircraft that had 'abruptly changed its flight attitude' with a 'dangerous approaching maneuver,' despite a Chinese military video showing nothing of the sort."

US and Japan announce upgraded and 'more lethal' Marine unit to deter China
US and Japan strengthen military relationship with upgraded Marine unit in attempt to deter China
China, your arrogance, boastfulness, is forcing the West, the US, to build up its defences to protect its allies.
They won't/can't back down. You're actions will bring about a messy and bloody war!

War game suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at a huge cost to US, Chinese and Taiwanese militaries

Iran executes karate champion and volunteer children’s coach amid crackdown on protests
Muhammad is shaking His head in disappointment.
You're manipulating His teachings for the sake of maintaining power, shameful.
The assistance you're offering Russia is also shameful.

Kim Jong Un calls for exponential increase in North Korea’s nuclear arsenal amid threats from South, US edition.cnn.com/2022/12/31/asia/north-korea-kim-jong-un-nuclear-expansion-intl-hnk-ml/index.html
China, he's your responsibility! Any threats he has received are do to HIS actions or your lack of discipline.
He needs a good spanking. You've got to see the foolishness in all of this. Childish, immature, irresponsible!

Journalism icon Barbara Walters dies in her home while surrounded by loved ones
Barbara Walters, legendary news anchor, has died at 93

Virgin Islands attorney general sues JPMorgan Chase over banking services for Jeffrey Epstein
"The U.S. Virgin Islands government filed a lawsuit Tuesday against JPMorgan Chase, alleging that the Wall Street bank benefited financially from Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation and failed in its duty to report suspicious financial activity."

Japan in biggest military buildup since WWII.
Japan approves long-range weapons to counter growing threats from rivals.
China, your arrogance, and that of North Korea, has forced Japan to spend monies which could be put to better use.
You both lack honor!!! You are children playing foolish games!

Massive dark money windfall: New conservative group got $1.6 billion from single donor

Fox boss Lachlan Murdoch privately levels harsh criticism against Trump, sources say