I go to certain websites to download the films I watch.
I'm increasingly seeing a large number of "Horror" films. The "Violence" has always been there.
Avatar I was, II is, an action film. It's not what I would consider "violent" though there is violence in it.
Just like the TV series "Yellowstone". There's violence but also a great deal of Justice!
Producers/Directors would not be making these H&V films unless there was money to be made.
Unless you, the audience, was willing to pay, to see, to support, there production.
This says a great deal about you folks.
Within the privacy of your bedrooms the gore and filth is allowed to enter into your lives.
A residue of this you carry with you always. This has a permeating effect throughout society.
It enhances the attitude of H&V making it more tolerable.
These Producers/Directors prey on the weak, the morally and ethically feeble.
Those with no solid foundation, who easily succumb to the temptations of the left-hand path, the dark side.
See The Social Dilemma, (1.87GB, 1:35, 2020).

The Doomsday Clock reveals how close we are to total annihilation
90 seconds folks. Our foolishness, our indifference, our inability to take a stand, has lost us 10 seconds.

1/23/23--Rioter who propped feet on Pelosi's desk found guilty
Capitol rioter who posed with feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk found guilty
Great, glad to see it!!! George Santos, Solomon Pena and this guy, along with the others from Jan 6th, this is what the Republican Party is producing.
Liars, potential murderers, radicals and extremists. They've lost a balanced perspective.
They're not Serving The People, only their right wing agenda. They're increasingly a threat to our country!

Three weeks and 38 mass shootings. This is America in 2023.
"At least seven people are dead in Half Moon Bay, California, in the second mass shooting in the state in 48 hours."

This guy made $150,000 a day, because Corporate America is out of control

1/23/23: Kylie Jenner's head-turning, hyper-real lion outfit is dividing opinion
Everything you need to know about Kylie Jenner's lion's head outfit
Condoning/praising such things is sending entirely the wrong message.
See the 60 Minutes piece The Vanishing Wild (210MB, 0:13) which aired on 1/1/23.

1/23/23: This dead fish head pie is worth waiting for
Why this fish head pie is only cooked once a year
Really, CNN you can do better than this!

1/23/23: Jacinda Ardern abuse 'abhorrent', says incoming NZ PM Chris Hipkins

They joined a vigil in China. Then their lives were turned upside down
“As I record this video, four of my friends have already been taken away,”
the woman, age 26, said, speaking clearly into the camera in a video recording from late December obtained by CNN.
“I entrusted some friends of mine with making this video public after my disappearance. In other words, when you see this video, I have been taken away by the police for a while.”

1/22/23: Video shows scenic Balkan river filled with waste
River Drina: 'Embarrassment' of beauty spot's plastic waste

Warning issued over ‘dragon’s breath’ viral video trend

1/17/23: Industrial espionage: How China sneaks out America's technology secrets

Opinion: Why Prince Harry is such a threat to a certain kind of man
It's the immature, arrogant, racist, supposed MEN, who make such comments about Prince Harry, that are the problem.
H has been defending his wife, an admirable thing to do guys, and himself. Between the TV series "The Crown," the 6 part documentary and the book a lowering of the veil, long overdue, has taken place. The Institution can now be seen. With few exceptions there has been nothing special about those found within, or who associate themselves with, this Monarchy. We shall see if a cleansing has happened. This will be primarily your responsibility William! Can you find a responsible balance?
H has a far better grip on what it means to be a MAN than does those criticizing him.
Immature adolescents work for, or contribute to, these tabloids!!!
CNN/Louis, that photo showing Meghan and Harry does not do her justice. You can do better!

US carrier strike group begins operating in South China Sea as tensions with China simmer
"A US carrier strike group began operating in the South China Sea on Thursday, the Navy announced, amid heightened tensions with Beijing, which claims much of the body of water as its sovereign territory.
Three weeks ago, a Chinese J-11 fighter jet intercepted a US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the South China Sea in what the US called an 'unsafe maneuver.' The RC-135 Rivet Joint was forced to take evasive action, the US said, when the Chinese jet closed to within 20 feet of the larger, slower reconnaissance jet.
The People’s Liberation Army fired back with their own account of the interception, claiming it was the US aircraft that had 'abruptly changed its flight attitude' with a 'dangerous approaching maneuver,' despite a Chinese military video showing nothing of the sort."

US and Japan announce upgraded and 'more lethal' Marine unit to deter China
US and Japan strengthen military relationship with upgraded Marine unit in attempt to deter China
China, your arrogance, boastfulness, is forcing the West, the US, to build up its defences to protect its allies.
They won't/can't back down. You're actions will bring about a messy and bloody war!

War game suggests Chinese invasion of Taiwan would fail at a huge cost to US, Chinese and Taiwanese militaries

Iran executes karate champion and volunteer children’s coach amid crackdown on protests
Muhammad is shaking His head in disappointment.
You're manipulating His teachings for the sake of maintaining power, shameful.
The assistance you're offering Russia is also shameful.

Kim Jong Un calls for exponential increase in North Korea’s nuclear arsenal amid threats from South, US edition.cnn.com/2022/12/31/asia/north-korea-kim-jong-un-nuclear-expansion-intl-hnk-ml/index.html
China, he's your responsibility! Any threats he has received are do to HIS actions or your lack of discipline.
He needs a good spanking. You've got to see the foolishness in all of this. Childish, immature, irresponsible!

Journalism icon Barbara Walters dies in her home while surrounded by loved ones
Barbara Walters, legendary news anchor, has died at 93

Virgin Islands attorney general sues JPMorgan Chase over banking services for Jeffrey Epstein
"The U.S. Virgin Islands government filed a lawsuit Tuesday against JPMorgan Chase, alleging that the Wall Street bank benefited financially from Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation and failed in its duty to report suspicious financial activity."

Japan in biggest military buildup since WWII.
Japan approves long-range weapons to counter growing threats from rivals.
China, your arrogance, and that of North Korea, has forced Japan to spend monies which could be put to better use.
You both lack honor!!! You are children playing foolish games!

Massive dark money windfall: New conservative group got $1.6 billion from single donor

Fox boss Lachlan Murdoch privately levels harsh criticism against Trump, sources say