Back on February 27th, 2008, I began sending an email out to newspapers in the hope
that it would stimulate interest in the work done by Royal Rife. His work
developed a cure for cancer as well as other afflictions. On April 15th I
completed this mailing. Here are a few of the stats:

1). Four countries were contacted: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the
United States. I looked at other countries but in almost all cases an
insufficient number of addresses were available to make any mailing
effective. This applies to New Zealand as well but I decided to include

It was my intent to have a group impact. Get many thinking about the same
thing, in the same place, at the same time so as to promote discussion and
then hopefully action.

2). An attempt was made to contact 13,389 individuals. With the exception of
Boise, Idaho, those listed in column G of the Excel file were not reached.
19 individuals asked to have their names removed. I received few
responses. Either you've chosen to ignore what was sent, which shows a lack
of responsibility and concern, personal and/or corporate, or there is
interest and you've begun your investigations but felt no need to inform me.
All I'm interested in seeing is something on the National/International News
networks stating that proceedings have begun against the medical industry
for failing to live up to their obligations to humanity. Greed and
corruption charges! CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!! Do you understand the
significance of what I'm asking you to take on?

Now, I had to look at this second stage of the mailing and decide how to
efficiently, and over the shortest amount of time, get to you what I had
promised, the complete list of all those contacted. The Excel file, All.xls,
is 1.9MB in size. I'm resending the Rife.pdf file which is 215KB. 2.1MB
total. I have a reasonably good upload speed, 5Mb, but 2.1MB of attachments
to 13,000+ addresses is still going to take some time. I decided to zip the
pdf and xls files. Compressed they come to 764KB. Some mail
servers have a problem with zip files. Should you not receive it both files
may be downloaded, uncompressed, from at the bottom of the
left hand column. There are also security issues with zip files. All I can
do is ask you this ... do you truly believe that what I'm sending is spam?
That my intention is not humanitarian but to be a nuisance. If so then
continue to go about your life of wishful thinking and na´vetÚ. There's
nothing I can do. Our society has elements in it which do not have the best
interests of humanity at heart. It is the influence they have and the
thickness of their wallets that matter. Not us!

I believe it to be primarily the responsibility of the United States to
resolve the Rife issue. He is a native son and it's our medical community
which has done him the injustice and stifled the development of the
technology, and much more. Think about the frame of mind which must exist to
allow the perpetuation of such a state of affairs. Really, think about it.
Disappointing human beings! A disgrace to our kind.

Relative to the Australian, Dr. Samir Chachoua, it seems appropriate for
Australia to rectify the injustice done to him. I would of thought that this
great island continent would of loudly protested how one of their sons was
treated by the Yanks. I would of expected a rumbling to heard from downunder
but NOTHING that I'm aware of. Nothing!

The original email went through a number of revisions. A copy of the final
version will be found below.

The ball is now in your court ladies and gentlemen. My responsibilities have
been fulfilled, relative to THIS group of contacts. Naturally I'm open to
suggestions should you feel I have something further to contribute but,
again, you have the resources. Pool them. Your combined influence will be
needed to resolve this, to confront that which needs to be cleansed. You
have a common reference point to work from. You know who has seen what
you've seen. This should make the contacting of one another easier. A common
mission, a unique opportunity.

If cancer has touched your life then please bear with me, an explanation
will be given shortly.

Cullen recalled: "Dr. Hamer ran an average of forty cases
a day through his place. He had to hire two operators. He
trained them and watched them very closely. The case his-
tories were mounting up very fast. Among them was this old
man from Chicago. He had a malignancy all around his face
and neck. It was a gory mass. Just terrible. Just a red gory
mass. It had taken over all around his face. It had taken off
one eyelid at the bottom of the eye. It had taken off the bottom
of the lower lobe of the ear and had also gone into the cheek
area, nose and chin. He was a sight to behold."

"But in six months all that was left was a little black spot
on the side of his face and the condition of that was such that
it was about to fall off. Now that man was 82 years of age. I
never saw anything like it. The delight of having a lovely
clean skin again, just like a baby's skin."

From "The Cancer Cure that Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression" by Barry
Lynes, page 29. First printing was in March of 1987.

This book discusses the work done by Royal Rife during the 1920's into the
1950's. The attachment Rife.pdf contains additional excerpts from this book.
This attachment may also be viewed at YouTube,

Rife made two important contributions. First, a powerful light microscope.
From the book:

The microscope he built in 1933 was the largest and most
powerful of the five he built. One was built in 1920, another
in 1929, the "Universal" officially completed in 1933 although
it may have been used in an uncompleted form in 1932 as the
above report suggests, another microscope in 1934, and one
in 1937 which was finally finished in 1952. Some parts from
pre-existing ones were used for later ones. While the 1929
microscope was a "super" microscope compared to all other
commercial microscopes, with a working magnification
between 5,000 and 17,000 times, the "Universal" Microscope
of 1933 possessed a resolution of 31,000 times and a magnifi-
cation of 60,000 times (as described in the terms of the time).

Secondly, a means whereby ANY disrupting organism may be destroyed. Again,
from the book:

        "With the frequency instrument treatment, no tissue is
destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible, and no sensation
is noticed. A tube lights up and 3 minutes later the treatment
is completed. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body
then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus
or bacteria. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.
        "The first clinical work on cancer was completed under the
supervision of Milbank Johnson, M.D. which was set up under
a Special Medical Research Committee of the University of
Southern California. 16 cases were treated at the clinic for
many types of malignancy. After 3 months, 14 of these so-
called hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by
the staff of five medical doctors and Dr. Alvin G. Foord,
M.D. Pathologist for the group. The treatments consisted of 3
minutes duration using the frequency instrument which was
set on the mortal oscillatory rate for 'BX' or cancer (at 3 day
intervals). It was found that the elapsed time between treat-
ments attains better results than the cases treated daily. This
gives the lymphatic system an opportunity to absorb and cast
off the toxic condition which is produced by the devitalized
dead particles of the 'BX' virus. No rise of body temperature
was perceptible in any of these cases above normal during or
after the frequency instrument treatment. No special diets were
used in any of this clinical work, but we sincerely believe that
a proper diet compiled for the individual would be of benefit."

        The May 6, 1928 Evening Tribune of San Diego described
what the Frequency Instrument did:
        "Just what this Ray does to the organisms to devitalize them
is not yet known. Because each organism requires a different
wave length, it may be that whatever befalls these tiny slayers
of man is something similar to the phenomenon occurring
when the musical tuning fork is set in vibration by sound
waves emanating from another fork struck nearby. . . .
        "Rife thinks that the lethal frequencies for various disease
organisms are, as in the sound waves, coordinates of frequen-
cies existing in the organism themselves. If this is the explana-
tion, it means that the Rife Ray probably causes the disease
organisms to disintegrate or partially disintegrate, just as the
vase and the glass. Several bits of evidence indicate that this
is exactly what happens. . . .
        "When the ray is directed upon them, they are seen to
behave very curiously; some kinds do literally disintegrate,
and others writhe as if in agony and finally gather together in
deathly unmoving clusters.

The book may be purchased at

One of the sellers listed at Amazon is This
becomes At its home page you will find the book.
Its link leads to It appears he has
taken over distribution of this book from the publisher. Quantity discounts,
as well as other resources, are available. How reliable this website is or
these other resources, I have know idea. He does have an excellent rating
with Amazon.

There are two websites dedicated to Royal Rife and his work.

Its been more than 20 years since this book first came out. I would of
expected an uproar from the medical community about the injustices done to
Rife and more importantly what wasn't taking place relative to the treatment
being offered to the people. This never happened! Millions have needlessly
died. WHY??? The book discusses a few of the reasons. Nothing to be proud
of. There have been weeds growing within the medical community which need to
be removed. There's a complacency which dishonors this noble profession. Its
practitioners are first and foremost HEALERS. Any technology which improves
there ability to do this, and has proven itself as has Rifes equipment,
should be embraced. Not ignored.

I have no ties to the author or publisher of the above named book nor am I
affiliated with the medical community in any way. I am not looking for
publicity, recognition or attention of any kind. I am a Brother of yours who
sees a great injustice being done and wishes to correct this. As individuals
there's little that can be done. Once certain institutions catch wind that
there are stirrings taking place trying to awaken Rife forces will be put in
motion to quiet them. Other than these emails there's little I can do to
combat this. I don't have the resources. Together, much can be done! There's
a medical revolution to be found within this book. Are you up to the

You have the resources and personnel to pursue this. To see that an
honorable man receives his credits, to help millions around the globe and
I'm sure there's a Pulitzer or two waiting to be had. Any serious effort to
right this wrong will meet with determined resistance once the public begins
to pay attention. You must be willing to deal with this. Collect the
evidence. Get the public on your side and your influence will increase 100

Attached you will also find the file ??????.xls, an Excel file, which
contains a list of who, within your state (or country), has been contacted.
You will notice that multiple newspapers have been reached. It is my hope
that you will pool your resources and together correct this injustice. Other
states and countries have been or will be contacted. This issue affects all
our people. The world will be informed and then have the opportunity to
correct this crime against humanity. Once everyone has been reached I'll be
posting a list of all those contacted. I will notify everyone once the list
is available. It will be a few weeks before this mailing is completed so do
not expect this list before then.

An additional important video may be seen at This deals with another case of
the medical community withholding (potential) cures/advanced technologies.
It's a KNBC, out of Los Angeles, news broadcast by Ana Garcia.

Old fashioned investigative reporting is what's needed. Not 10 minutes spent
at Wikipedia. You also need to take into consideration that charlatans and
frauds have attempted to cash in on Rifes name and achievements. Incompetent
individuals who have done much harm and have none of the insight,
intuitiveness and compassion which Rife possessed. Therefore, Rifes
accomplishments have been stained. Review what was written during his time.
Numerous references may be found within the book. Assume the documents still
exist. For example:

1). "In the summer of 1934 in California, under the auspices of the
University of Southern California, a group of leading American
bacteriologists and doctors conducted the first successful cancer clinic."

2). "The technical discovery leading to the cancer cure had been described
in Science magazine in 1931."

3). "In the late 1940s and early 1950s, cooperating researchers at a
hospital laboratory in New Jersey and a research institute in Pennsylvania
made similar discoveries which unknowingly aligned them with the California
group of a decade earlier. In 1950, these researchers prepared to make a
presentation before the New York Academy of Sciences. But again, political
forces intervened and the symposium was cancelled."

4). "Then, in 1953, the basic science which validated the theories of the
California group was explained by the New Jersey group at an international
microbiology conference in Rome, Italy. The New York Times and the
Washington Post reported the discovery."

5). "In December of that same year(1953), the leader of the California group
and the man most responsible for the successful healing of cancer in the
1930s--after years of silence--published a description of the methods and
results of the cancer cure. The authorities at the government's National
Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C. received a copy at the National Library
of Medicine outside Washington, D.C. in Bethesda, Maryland. But they ignored
it. The library staff responsible for filing and circulating such reports to
the officials determining cancer research policy either failed to do their
jobs or they met with opposition from those in charge of the war on cancer."

6). "Finally, in 1967, the work of the Pennsylvania group was reported in
the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences."

7). "Then, in 1969, the New Jersey group presented its findings to the New
York Academy of Sciences and requests for reprints poured in from around the

8). "In 1976, the first article in 30 years describing the California
group's technology and clinical results was published in a popular magazine.
The article appeared in New Age Journal from Boston, Massachusetts. It
outlined 40 years of inattention and suppression by the cancer authorities."
This magazine is now called Body & Soul. Located in Watertown, MA. Phone
(617) 926-0200. The name of the article is "What Has Become of the Rife
Microscope?". It appeared in the March issue.

and others.

It is your duty to keep the public informed. You have an obligation and
responsibility to look into this. Help your people!


If you do not wish further contact send an email to the above address with
"remove" in the subject line.