I sincerely hope it is possible to find the appropriate solution :/

This Forum has been viewed many times yet few have started a dialog. Either you don't wish to get involved, thereby contributing to the problem, or you're afraid to do so. Position, standing, fear of association with a site such as this or rocking the boat. All excuses, no substance! Does what is below appear to be legitimate, worthy of consideration? Does it contain the potential to be of help?

A planetary environmental disaster has already begun, this can be seen on the news almost daily, yet I see nothing of significance being done to address the CO2 and waste, trash, issues. The Moray technology could take care of most of the CO2 problem by providing power units for the car, truck or home. Power stations for communities. Rural, 3rd world areas, could now have electricity and all that that will enable! Ahh, but your lack of compassion, resolve and sense of responsibility is preventing this.

Thousands are infected daily by microbial organisms. You're aware of the Measles problem. Common sense should have prevented this but ignorance and arrogance prevailed. A few months ago Dengue was widespread where I'm currently living. Many infections, including the boy who I now call my son, and a few deaths, mostly children. No widely accepted cure for this. The Rife technology could have easily handled both of these problems. Once you come to understand how the medical community handled the Rife technology you discover how shameful and selfish they have been! Their inaction and greed, this "complete lack of sensitivity to world need," dishonors the entire industry!

The email I had sent on June 16-17, 2019, may be seen here. 4417 individuals within the physics community, around the globe, received it.

discoveries.pdf may be obtained here:

List.csv may be obtained here:
This Modified version does not contain the CERN names nor those I had previously contacted. I also removed the first names.

"Hope has two beautiful daughters, anger and courage. Anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they don't remain the way they are.

"You can serve two sets of principles, privilege and power, or justice and truth. The more you make compromises with those who serve privilege and power, the more you diminish the capacity for justice and truth."
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I sincerely hope it is possible to find the appropriate solution :/

Post by kartmanBlosy » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:02 am

Not too long ago I've come across one article which I think you can find useful. Someone may take a steaming dump all over it, but it answered some of my questions.

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Re: I sincerely hope it is possible to find the appropriate solution :/

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The 1st post I've approved.
Many children prior to this individual.

From article "Booming Energy Essay" at the above link.

"Booming Energy - Essay Example This technology was soon accepted by some of the leading companies such as Google, ebay, Walmart and many others. These solid oxide fuel cells produce energy that is 70% cleaner and 100% renewable. It is believed that a few years down the line, ‘Bloom’ might be a household name we reckon since it has considerable advantages over other renewable energy sources as well. Dr. K.R.Sridhar was part of a NASA workforce, attempting to come up with ideas to sustain life on mars. The first thing that occurred to him was the need for an energy source that would generate power and at the same time produce oxygen and hydrogen as a by product. The idea being, hydrogen could be used to power other hydrogen fuelled devices. With this idea in mind, they began working to produce a solid oxide fuel cell which did not comprise of expensive or rare metals but used a simple and highly available material, sand, to generate electricity. It does not contain corrosive or rare materials, making its availability rates rather high. On refining this idea, it occurred to the researcher that this technology could have a large impact on human growth in our planet, making the production of renewable and independent energy possible to everyone. The team decided that the technology which was available only in satellites would now be modified and made available to everyone. The syst em is designed to work not only as a power generator but also an energy storage unit which eliminates only a small percentage of carbon-di-oxide in comparison to the traditional power generation units which produce 50% more emissions. On completion of their NASA project, the team decided to continue their research and set out to work on transforming this remarkable idea into a product which would reach the world, making it a cleaner place. They worked on increasing its availability, efficiency and affordability. In 2001 they officially opened Bloom energy with their first client in"
The article ends here. Could not find where to see the rest of it.

"The Most Efficient Power Generator
Our Energy Server platform generates electricity without combustion—emitting virtually no criteria air pollutants, including NOx or SOx.
In addition to providing clean power, you can choose the fuel source that best fits your needs based on availability, cost and carbon footprint. Today our platform, running on natural gas, produces nearly 60% less carbon emissions compared to the average of U.S. combustion power generation.
In addition to the reduction in carbon emissions, our platform uses virtually no water in normal operation. By comparison, to produce one megawatt per hour for a year, thermoelectric power generation for the U.S. grid withdraws approximately 156 million gallons of water more than our platform.
Our Energy Servers can also utilize biogas to generate carbon-neutral electricity. Whether running on natural gas or biogas, our Energy Servers emit virtually no criteria air pollutants."

The Moray technology has zero emissions. It requires no recharging/replacement of materials/resources so as to produce the energy. The gas in this case. Any piece of hardware will require maintenance on occasion.

This Bloom technology is, without question, a step in the right direction but Moray would be more efficient and cost effective.

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