Anthropology & Ethnology


There will be 7 Root-Races during our current cycle of planetary evolution, our current Round. They are the Adamic, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Aryan and two yet to come. Each Root-Race will have seven subraces and each of these seven family races. For example: 4th Root-Race--Atlantean, 7th subrace--Mongolian, 7th Family-Race--Japanese.




The Adamic did not have any type of physical existence whatsoever. They came no lower than plane VI in the above chart.

The Hyperborean had a physical body composed only of the 4 ethers. No dense physical existence, purely etheric. They came no lower than the 4th ether of plane VII.

It was during the 3rd or 4th subrace of the Lemurian that we finally obtained a dense physical body and it was huge. See Also see the book The following map is the older of the 2 maps found at the end of the book.


L1 without the above additions.


“But not even geological epochs, it will be observed, are assigned to the maps. If, however, an inference may be drawn from all the evidence before us, it would seem probable that the older of the two Lemurian maps represented the earth's configuration from the Permian, through the Triassic and into the Jurassic epoch, while the second map probably represents the earth's configuration through the Cretaceous and into the Eocene period.” From page 14 of the book.


The Atlantean Root-Race was the midway point in our planetary existence. The following is from the book

“Following where necessary the history of the Race through the four periods represented by the four maps, it is proposed to divide the subject under the following headings:

1. Origin and territorial location of the different sub-races.

2. The political institutions they respectively evolved.

3. Their emigrations to other parts of the world.

4. The arts and sciences they developed.

5. The manners and customs they adopted.

6. The rise and decline amongst them of religious ideas.

The names of the different sub-races must first be given--

1. Rmoahal.

2. Tlavatli.

3. Toltec.

4. First Turanian.

5. Original Semite.

6. Akkadian.

7. Mongolian.”


The 1st of 4 maps found at the end of the book.


The 4th.



The Aryan Root-Race began approximately 100,000 years ago in India. It then headed West with a number of subraces developing along the way and which history pays tribute to: the Greeks, Romans and others. Its 4th and 5th subraces currently dominate Europe and the Americas. It must be remembered that the native populations of the Americas represent different subraces of the 4th Root-Race, the Atlantean. The 6th subrace of the Aryan is currently being developed in North America. Please, with due seriousness, think about this and all that is, racially, going on in the States! Being Aryan is more a state of mind, a perspective, a mindset then a body type. You'll find Aryans in all of the subraces but they predominate in the "white" body type. That is changing in North America, especially in the US. The 6th Aryan subrace body type will be multiracial, their mindset will be multicultural, much more global. They will have a broader perspective on what it means to be Aryan. They probably won't think of themselves as being Aryan per say. In the future the 7th subrace will take shape in South America.


There’s another group which holds a unique place in our humanity and they would be the Jews. See