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Remember those "sonic attacks" which began in Cuba in late 2016?
Such attacks have come to be known as the Havana Syndrome.
In 2015 the Keely literature, keely.pdf and keelyx.pdf, was downloaded 2,173 times.
In 2016 add keelyh.pdf and you get 2,608 times. 2017, 2194 times.
The work done by Keely holds tremendous possibilities for good.
But, like any knowledge, it may be used to do evil!

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What follows will show you a little of what I saw when reviewing the numbers.

Here's Awstats definition of bandwidth:
"Total number of bytes for pages, images and files downloaded by web browsing."

Relative to the total United States bandwidth Google has had a significant impack.
It appears that Google, the corporate entity, has viewed and downloaded MUCH for it own personal use.
More than most countries! They're a major player in all of this.
Google, you're faced with a moral dilemma! What are you going to do?
With your resources and my approach, characteristics, dedication, we could be of significant help.

This does not include videos! Videos were not available until 2020.
304 code requests will not be included in the following so they will be, if anything, conservative numbers.

2015             2016             2017
United States: 50.11GB    United States: 74.62GB    United States: 107.93GB
India: 4.24GB          China: 11.67GB       China: 11.67GB (Yes, same as 2016)
France: 4.09GB       India: 4.91GB          Czech Republic: 5.25GB
Czech Republic: 3.75GB    Czech Republic: 4.76GB     India: 5.15GB
Philippines: 3.39GB      S. Africa: 3.65GB       Russia: 4.16GB
China: 2.96GB        Russia: 2.26GB        Japan: 2.17GB
Germany: 2.69GB      Canada: 2.15GB         Great Britain: 1.61GB
Russia: 2.07GB       Pakistan: 2.04GB        Canada: 1.57GB
Great Britain: 1.67GB      Germany: 1.91GB       France: 1.40GB
Canada: 1.55GB         Nigeria: 1.85GB       S. Korea: 1.37GB

2018             2019             2020
United States: 72.16GB    United States: 104.23GB     United States: 77.31GB
Russia: 6.24GB        India: 21.31GB        India: 21.24GB
Czech Republic: 3.46GB     Hong Kong: 6.01GB      Russia: 12.04GB
Hong Kong: 2.80GB      China: 5.98GB         Singapore: 5.34GB
France: 2.40GB        Russia: 3.88GB        Pakistan: 4.23GB
India: 1.74GB        France: 3.20GB       Kenya: 2.69GB
S. Korea: 1.40GB        Czech Republic: 3.10GB     Great Britain: 2.41GB
Great Britain: 1.03GB       Philippines: 3.09GB      Philippines: 2.39GB
Sweden: 850.40MB       Great Britain: 2.11GB       Indonesia: 2.35GB
Germany: 651.55MB     Australia: 1.81GB       Nigeria: 2.33GB

2021             2022             2023
United States: 28.59GB    United States: 44.41GB    United States: 25.62GB
Singapore: 28.39GB      Russia: 13.52GB         Russia: 19.66GB
Russia: 13.57GB         Great Britain: 5.83GB      Great Britain: 2.91
Czech Republic: 2.57GB     Australia: 4.68GB       Singapore: 1.68
India: 2.16GB          France: 3.52GB        Czech Repulic: 1.39GB
Germany: 1.59GB       Finland: 2.62GB         China: 1.00GB
France: 1.43GB        Canada: 2.15GB         India: 781MB
Great Britain: 1.24GB       Netherlands: 2.15GB     Germany: 775MB
Romania: 898MB       Singapore: 2.11GB      Netherlands: 696MB
Kenya: 815MB        Austria: 1.35GB       Bulgaria: 529MB

In Nov. 2021 the website was down from the 4th-23rd, 20 days. I believe this was intentional. Sent numerous emails to the service department. Always the same reply, we're working on it. I eventually collected the email addresses of all the top individuals within the company and collectively sent them an email explaining the situation, my frustration and disappointment. The next day the website was back up!!!

In Mar. 2022 the website was again down from the 2nd-9th, 8 days.

United States: 50.11+74.62+107.93+72.16+104.23+77.31+28.59+44.41+25.62=584.98GB
(Remember, much of this is due to Google!)
Russia: 2.07+2.26+4.16+6.24+3.88+12.04+13.57+13.52+19.66=77.4GB
India: 4.24+4.91+5.15+1.74+21.31+21.24+2.16+0+0.781=61.53GB
Singapore: 0+0+0+0+0+5.34+28.39+2.11+1.68=37.52GB
China: 2.96+11.67+11.67+0+5.98+0+0+0+1.00=33.28GB
Czech Republic: 3.75+4.76+5.25+3.46+3.10+0+2.57+0+1.39=24.28GB
(MANY 304 requests.)
Great Britain: 1.67+0+1.61+1.03+2.11+2.41+1.24+5.83+2.91=18.81GB
France: 4.09+0+1.40+2.40+3.20+0+1.43+3.52+0=16.04GB
Philippines: 3.39+0+0+0+3.09+2.39+0+0+0=8.87GB
(Pleased to see the interest.)
Germany: 2.69+1.91+0+0.652+0+0+1.59+0+0.775=7.62GB
Canada: 1.55+2.15+1.57+0+0+0+0+2.15+0=7.42GB
304 code requests will be included in the following.

You have the 3 major technologies developed by Rife, Moray and Keely.

keely(all) includes keely.pdf, keelyh.pdf and keelyx.pdf. H=highlighted, X=excerpts.
lemuria(all) includes lemuria.pdf and lemuriam.pdf. M=modified, added additional material.
moray(all) includes moray1.pdf, morayh.pdf, moray4h.pdf and moray4s.pdf.
 1=1st edition, H=4H=highlighted 4th edition text converted, 4S=scanned orginal 4th edition, 142MB.
atlantis(all) includes atlantis.pdf and atlantism.pdf. M=modified, added additional material.

Total downloads
2015             2016             2017
keely(all): 2412        keely(all): 2693        keely(all): 2261
lemuria(all): 1660       matter.pdf: 2036       rife.pdf: 1299
matter.pdf: 1198       rife.pdf: 1642        lemuria(all): 1276
bailey.pdf: 1081       lemuria(all): 1564       babbitt.pdf: 1136
rife.pdf: 1019        bailey.pdf: 1341       bailey.pdf: 1120
tngows.pdf: 926       tngows.pdf: 841       matter.pdf: 990
atlantis.pdf: 806       hughes.pdf: 787        ihs.pdf: 935
hughes.pdf: 642        loom.pdf: 775          hughes.pdf: 929
thsotot.pdf: 545        babbitt.pdf: 745        tngows.pdf: 923
preface-intro-proem.pdf: 536  thsotot.pdf: 743        pleasonton.pdf: 735

2018             2019             2020
keely(all): 1665        rife.pdf: 16751         rife.pdf: 14393
rife.pdf: 1221           matter.pdf: 9101       moray(all) 8596
lemuria(all): 1079       moray(all): 4473       matter.pdf: 8423
babbitt.pdf: 1059        bailey.pdf: 3919        bailey.pdf: 3797
bailey.pdf: 817         lemuria(all): 2654       lemuria(all): 3150
matter.pdf: 806         babbitt.pdf: 2370        atlantis(all): 1871
ihs.pdf: 784           keely(all): 1947        babbitt.pdf: 1759
tngows.pdf: 663       atlantis(all): 1303        keely(all): 1404
hughes.pdf: 626       ihs.pdf: 931         ihs.pdf: 709
oc.pdf: 548         hughes.pdf: 621        hughes.pdf: 500

2021             2022             2023
keely(all): 879          moray(all): 2229         moray(all): 512
lemuria(all): 712         ttv7n2.pdf: 1265          lemuria(all): 496
babbitt.pdf: 626        keely(all): 1256        babbitt.pdf: 465
giants.pdf: 413         rife.pdf: 1154         keely(all): 408
year2019.pdf: 406       world_life.pdf: 861        rife.pdf: 359
year2018.pdf: 400       rcr53.pdf: 783        giants.pdf: 302
matter.pdf: 396         tetad.pdf: 779           atlantis(all): 294
year2016.pdf: 333       babbitt.pdf: 447        bailey.pdf: 246
year2017.pdf: 322       lemuria(all): 368         matter.pdf: 154
sw.mkv: 302          year2017.pdf: 241       hughes.pdf: 140
Total page views
2015             2016             2017
books.htm: 38741       books.htm: 23638       books.htm: 19160
matter.htm: 3643         matter.htm: 2554        matter.htm: 2458
hill.jpg: 2963         hill.jpg: 2335        hill.jpg: 1529
chart5.jpg: 1011       afqs.htm: 799        hill.htm: 886
hill.htm: 895          hill.htm: 774         bailey.htm: 781
hs.htm: 827         anu2.jpg: 691        hs.htm: 744
bailey.htm: 804         bailey.htm: 656        evil.htm: 733
the7dimensions.htm: 756     anu.jpg: 650          the7dimensions.htm: 716
chela.htm: 727          chart5.jpg: 597         afqs.htm: 712
festivals.htm: 710        chela.htm: 588         chela.htm: 695

Books includes books.htm and /books/
Discoveries includes discoveries.htm and /discoveries/
Hierarchy includes bailey.htm and /hierarchy/
Matter includes matter.htm and /matter/
Searches includes searches.htm and /searches/

2018             2019             2020
Matter: 1655         Books: 4424          Hierarchy: 15499
Books: 1615         Matter: 3729          Discoveries: 6345
hill.htm: 453         Hierarchy: 2676       Books: 4683
hs.htm: 413           Discoveries: 1558       Matter: 2090
evil.htm: 285         hs.htm: 767           donate.htm: 1401
hill.jpg: 264           charts.htm: 611        /hill/: 657
the7dimensions.htm: 259     view.htm: 595          /sirius/: 651
electron.htm: 248        stages.htm: 591        about.htm: 636
anu2.jpg: 247        festivals.htm: 512        Searches: 588

2021             2022             2023
/hierarchy/: 5510         /hierarchy/: 3916        /hierarchy/: 4346
/matter/: 1468        /matter/: 2439          /matter/: 2713
/books/: 1123         /sirius/: 1378        /discoveries/: 1967
/discoveries/: 806        /discoveries/: 1286        /sirius/: 1935
/charts/: 753           /books/: 1019          russia.htm: 1077
/sirius/: 670         /charts/: 461         /books/: 951
/searches/: 545          about.htm: 456        about.htm: 419
about.htm: 525          chart5.jpg: 440       /charts/: 400
/hill/: 497            /hill/: 403          /hill/: 389

You've downloaded the knowledge, taken a serious look at the data. If the above Havana Syndrome is any indication you've attempted to weaponize the knowledge but you've made NO attempted to help your people or planet!!! You've made NO attempt to Globalize it for humanitarian, and planetary, benefit. You've kept it to yourselves, been selfish. These technologies could change everything but it's sitting in room serving NO useful, global/humanitarian, purpose. Your selfishness, your competition, your jealousies, your arrogance, are keeping this tech from those who need it the most, OUR PEOPLE!!! The Hierarchy webpage has been, is being, read often yet YOU'RE NOT hearing His words. The theme of Brotherhood, global responsibilitiy, underlies everything being said. Yet you see only YOUR national interests, YOUR ambitions, YOUR need for power, YOUR air of superiority. Ugh, you're limited in what you can see because of the barriers which this self-righteousness has built around you. None of you are innocent. You hear the whispers, the rumors, about some tech which this or that company is working on. It's probably under the supervision of a countries military, or being developed for them, instead of being overseen by the United Nations. YES, the United Nations folks or some international body which would have the authority, the maturity, to oversee such things. This is NOT some fantasy! This IS the way it should be, "Can you hear what I'm saying?"
YouTube, Supertramp, Fool's Overture. A long song, 10:51 minutes. Best to listen to it privately.

I mention on my homepage that China and the US should work together to clean-up the global mess. They have the military might to enter a country and remove the filth then return control to responsible members of that countries population. There are honorable men and women in both militaries who would like nothing more than to make things right for ALL of our people. They're aware of the flaws which exist in BOTH systems and are willing to push through them for humanities sake. This would force both countries to find a way to work together and do some very good work.

A significant amount of attention has been given to the Rife and Moray documents yet I see NO healing clinics based on the Rife tech. I see NO power units/stations being build based on the what Moray accomplished. Have the medical and energy industries won the day? Bought, bribed or blackmailed there way to stifling this tech. They need to be bypassed folks, ignore them, or has your selfishness and greed become so extreme that it is now beyond your ability to do this. You're thoroughly immersed in the corruption and can seeing only your own self interests. You're lost, completely immersed, in material existence. It's people like you who doing great harm. Yet, you don't care, do you?

Now, many of you may be concerned about this tech falling into the wrong hand. The likes of Myanmar or Iran for example. Well, they've already downloaded the literature. Anyone who wanted it has already obtained it. Another responsibility of a joint US, China, coalition would be to police such countries or liberate them. There are competent people in all countries who can run things responsibily if given a chance.

On a different issue. I've reached out to literally 10s of 1000s of scientists around the globe. You're the ones who will develop the technology. The responses I've received can be counted on one hand! This has caused few problems. I have no interest in responding to emails all day. With a few exceptions everything you need can be found on the website. BUT, I find such few responses odd considering how many people I've contacted. I receive automatic returns but virtually no replies. Are you all this timid, not willing to consider other possibilities, not willing to relinquish your intellectual throne, don't know how to incorporate Occultism, the Occult Sciences, into your world OR is someone interfering with your responses, my ability to receive them. Does Occultism pose a threat to any group, institution, agency or corporation?